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Bob Lewis, LMT 

TN License #13942


Downtown YMCA

Green Hills YMCA

Bennie Dillon Building


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If you consider mediation of breath work for release of deeply stored tension and energy, then my massage is for you. Also, in September, 2023, I  completed a continuing education class in MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE. If you are looking for Swedish massage, I'm probably not the person for your massage. 

As a life-long musician, I have observed many patterns in myself and others that lead to chronic pain and inflammation. Through my own experience of receiving massage, I have become a believer in its effectiveness. After completing my training at MBI, I continued to broaden my scope of treatment and became a certified acu cupping provider. It has shown to be extremely helpful dissolving adhesions, increasing the circulation of the blood and lymph, and improving flexibility post-workout. In addition, I completed a continuiing education class in Table Stretching in March 2022  and Sports Massage in June 2022. 


For a long time I have been intrigued with how the body works, and wanted to study it on a deeper level. I have been in search of balanced harmony and sound health within myself. I have the intention of helping everyone I treat find ways to wellness and participate in self-care. I am so excited to work with you and explore what’s next on your recovery journey of healing and health.




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